The last 3 years had been a difficult time to all Sagittarians due to the present of Saturn! .many of you had suffered financial losses and unexpected family crises. In December 2017 Saturn sifted to your financial sector. This is not a good year to risk your savings or gamble! Notice that even if your work will be successful this year the financial reward may still be low!

 Career and Finance  

2018 will be a better career period. In December 2017 Saturn will be in your financial sector. This is not a good year to risk your savings or gamble! Even if your work will be successful this year yet the financial reward may be lower than expected! You will enjoy high popularity and find work to be more interesting than before. Work relationships will improve and you will make new friends. You will be able to prove everyone how talented you are and even get rewarded for that! The period between June 2018 to late August 2018 will be complicate due to Mars retrograde! During this difficult months it will be wise to give your body more time to rest and avoid starting a new business venture. If you need to buy a new car then better to do it in September or October!


The first half of 2018 will be a testing period for relationship .you will enjoy to spend time with friends and if single chances are you may get involve in a new relationship! Relationship that will start early this year can get stuck between June to late august 2018.you will often feel confuse and due to your past experience you will be more careful before giving a commitment! From September 2018 onward you will feel more confidence and ready for something more serious.





 your lucky stone: yellow topaz,turquoise,malachite,ruby.

Fire Sign

Idealistic and free spirited, you love being independent. You will acquire knew knowledge when you travel for study and work opportunities. Your strong need for adventure, to visit new places and to meet new people, push you in this direction. You like sport do it for the fun and excitement. People love you because of your honesty and easygoing nature. Your tendency to be out spoken may get you into trouble, but those who know you, know that you would never hurt anyone. Although you are lucky, some Sagittarians have a negative position in their star chart. This may cause them to take big risks; some may even be drawn to gambling and speculations. Others that have good positions in the stars can be extremely spiritually incline and living a very conservative family life. Friendly, social and warm, you are a great friend, but before you find your real love, you will probably break someone’s heart. In your quest to find a loyal and hard working partner, you will need space and freedom in order to maintain a happy relationship. Although ties with your family are strong, you feel the need to travel abroad to meet new people; you love the joy and experience that traveling brings you. This is the right time, because as you mature your family ties will deepen even more and your need for travel will take second place. As you mature your interest in spiritual and religious matters will also increase.