Career and finance:


Saturn is in your sign and you will be very focus on work and new investments. With lots of hard work and determination you will be able to reach your goals. Rest assure that there is a great reward waiting for you at the end of the Saturn transition. Until late May 2016 there will be financial un clarity and high expenses work will suffer delays and things will move too slow. In April, May , Mars will retro and it’s not a good months for new investment or taking risky decisions. Keep away from those promising you to make easy money as you are prone to end up in a loss. Later in the second half of the year work will progress steadily and you will be successful in executing your plans.




You will get closer to someone you met last year .you will have to be committed if you want this relationship to grow.in January and May the situation will be unstable ,your partner and some family controversies can lead to sudden separations. Your marriage life went through many challenges since the last few years; this is the time to confront the problems and find the ultimate solution to your problems .if you are one of those who already went through a separation then you are predicted to find new love this year. If you are born between 1st to 10th December a   fear of commitment can lead you to miss a great opportunity to be with the right person.

 your lucky stone: yellow topaz,turquoise,malachite,ruby.

Fire Sign

Idealistic and free spirited, you love being independent. You will acquire knew knowledge when you travel for study and work opportunities. Your strong need for adventure, to visit new places and to meet new people, push you in this direction. You like sport do it for the fun and excitement. People love you because of your honesty and easygoing nature. Your tendency to be out spoken may get you into trouble, but those who know you, know that you would never hurt anyone. Although you are lucky, some Sagittarians have a negative position in their star chart. This may cause them to take big risks; some may even be drawn to gambling and speculations. Others that have good positions in the stars can be extremely spiritually incline and living a very conservative family life. Friendly, social and warm, you are a great friend, but before you find your real love, you will probably break someone’s heart. In your quest to find a loyal and hard working partner, you will need space and freedom in order to maintain a happy relationship. Although ties with your family are strong, you feel the need to travel abroad to meet new people; you love the joy and experience that traveling brings you. This is the right time, because as you mature your family ties will deepen even more and your need for travel will take second place. As you mature your interest in spiritual and religious matters will also increase.